Technical Pro 8 Four way Carpeted Cabinet Speaker w/ Steel Grill-Black


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Product Description

Technical Pro’s VRTX speaker series consists of different sizes and power outputs all put together in a set of the most durable and long lasting speaker design’s on the market. If you are a studio designer, setting up sound for a live stage or venue you will find what you need in this series of speakers. Depending on your venue size and needs you may go for the smaller or larger offering, each built with the same innovative technology that is expected from Technical Pro.

The VRTX8 8" Four way Carpeted Cabinet Speaker w/ Steel Grill is a professional loud speaker that will fulfill your big sound needs in a mid to large sized venue. Depending on your speaker throw needs, you may opt for the VRTX8” which is the baby of this series. This loudspeaker consists of 2 Piezo Tweeters, 1 8'' woofer with a 1.5'' voice coil and 30 oz. magnet, and 1 Piezo 7.5'' x 3'' horn. This combination will give you a great overall sound for a small to mid-sized venue. So even though this is the “baby” of the VRTX series it will still give you that huge club sound that you are after! It is able to push out a total peak power of 600 watts. The inputs are 1/4” and banana binding post. Connect this speaker to any standard amplifier and you’re ready to rock!

The VRTX8 is constructed with Technical Pro’s innovative and long lasting technology. The sturdy design will keep your speaker components safe and sound in the most rugged environments. Moving and placing this speaker is made easy by using the two built in carrying handles. Each corner is reinforced with steel for added protection The front panel has a full length perforated steel cage that will protect your speaker while allowing all of the proper acoustics out. This is a durable speaker meant to be used in the most professional sound environments.

The VRTX8 Loudspeaker from Technical Pro is built for the professional sound designer, studio professional, live stage sound designer and it’s a performer’s dream! If you are serious sound professional putting together a professional speaker system, you want this! Check out the other speakers in the VRTX line for a complete sound set up, and at a cost that is almost too low to list!

The heart of the VRTX series lies in its unique combination of premium construction quality along with features and performance technology previously unheard of at this price level, offering a range of options without equal. With improved performance and great looks, they deliver punchy mids and smooth highs at any level, with a bone crushing low-end. The quality wood cabinetry construction is carpet-covered and has an extra heavy-duty metal grille for ruggedness.

*600 watts peak power

*Frequency response: 50Hz - 20kHz

*Woofer: 8'' woofer, 1.5'' voice coil, 30 oz. magnet

*Inputs: 1/4'', Banana

*Horn: Piezo 7.5'' x 3''

*Tweeter: 2 Piezo

*Impedance: 8 ohms

*Sensitivity: 95 ±2dB (1W-1M)

*Full Length perforated steel grill


*2 Integral carry handles

*Reinforced corners

*Dimensions: 12''w x 20''h x 9.5''d


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