Sunbeam Purified Mist Humidifier


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Product Description

This humidifier offers many benefits to your health and environment, making your home a more comfortable, healthy and comfortable place throughout the year.
Purified Mist: Water is passed through a filter to ensure clean, fresh mist is dispersed into the air for maximum comfort and a pure, healthy environment.
Arm & Hammer Treated Filter:Odor eliminating technology for extra freshness
FilterCheck Monitor: Hassle-free maintenance. The convenient monitor lets you know when it's time to replace the filter.
Run Time Scale:No second guessing. Located on the side of the tank, the scale lets you know exactly how long your humidifier will run until the tank is empty.
Adjustable Humisdistat: With one turn, you can change the rate the humidity is dispersed into the room. With variable speed options, you will enjoy maximum personal comfort.
Microbial Protection: Microban antimicrobial protection is infused into the plastics to help prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause stains and odors or adversely affect performance.
* 18 hour run time
* Small room capacity
* Adjustable humidity output
* Adds moisture in dry months
* Relieves cold, flu, and hay fever symptoms
* Reduces static electricity
* Maintains your homes interior
* Increases freshness
* Lowers energy bills


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