Emerson SmartSet Dual Alarm AM/FM Clock Radio with SmartSet Automatic Time Setting System and Sure Alarm


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Product Description

We all know how annoying it is to wake up in the morning and see the dreaded flashing "12:00" display on our clocks or clock radios. This means that your power was interrupted sometime during the night while you were sleeping and your clock doesn't know what time it is anymore. Unfortunately it probably also means that you are late for work, or for school, again. But with your SmartSet clock radio the dreaded flashing "12:00" display is a thing of the past. The SmartSet resets itself as soon as the power is restored and gets you up on time, every time.
And if that isn't enogh, the SmartSet computer also knows when daylight saving time begins and ends and it will adjust itself accordingly through the year 2099! Leap years too!! And best of all, the life lithium back up battery is already installed in your radio. You don't have to remember to put a new 9-volt battery in your radio every 6 months. Under normal circumstances the lithium battery indicator will come on to let you know.
* Dual alarms can be set for weekends, weekdays, or everyday
* Wake up to radio or buzzer
* 9-volts lithium battery (included)


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