Technical Pro Digital Hybrid Amplifier, Preamp and Tuner With 12 Speaker Output


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Product Description

In today’s world of professional audio too often are we bogged down with multiple pieces of large and heavy gear. Consolidation is the name of the game! Technical Pro’s HYBRID technology is the answer to all of your needs. This is a combined Amplifier/Pre-amplifier/Tuner built with the same quality design you would expect from Technical Pro’s superior technology. Pushing out 1500 watts of peak power and hosting a 7.2 channel up conversion this unit will exceed all expectations. The 7.2 channel up conversion will allow you to connect your iPod or USB sound device (normally outputting only two channels) and output to seven speakers and two powered subwoofers! Multiple source inputs allow front panel connections for a USB flash drive- SD Card- and an MP3/iPod music player. in addition to a two channel and 5.1 channel RCA input on the back! The SD Card and USB flash drive inputs on the front panel- allow you to connect your portable audio directly to the amplifier. So what is so special about a USB flash drive/SD Card input? Like most of us- you probably have an ever-growing library of mp3 audio files on your computer or laptop that you want to listen to while sitting on the comfort of your couch. Have you ever tripped over a wire connected to your computer or laptop and then dive onto the floor to save it from crashing and breaking into pieces? We can all agree the fewer wires in our sound system the better. A USB flash drive/SD Card lets you carry around thousands of .mp3 audio files in the palm of your hand. Simply connect the USB flash drive/SD Card to the computer and copy the.mp3 files onto the USB flash drive/SD Card. Disconnect it from the computer and connect it to this and the unit will automatically begin playing the files from the USB flash drive/SD Card. All while keeping your laptop perfectly safe.Specifications:Comes with 12 Speaker Output.


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