Technical Pro ABS Molded 12'' Two Way Powered Loudspeaker


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Product Description

In an audio studio, club or venue setting the speakers are the last piece of equipment that will hold your sound before it hits the listener. Some argue it is the most important piece of gear in the chain. The engineers at Technical Pro have provided the PROX Series to insure your chain remains strong from beginning to end! Utilizing cutting edge technology and built with high quality and ever-lasting parts, the PROX12 ABS Molded 12'' Two Way Powered Loudspeaker will properly translate your sound and remain consistent in the most rugged conditions. The PROX series is a step up from the competition and you will surely hear and feel the difference! The PROX series is perfect for setting up a professional sound system in a nightclub, live stage, auditorium, lounge or set it up in your yard or deck and impress your guests at your next party!

The PROX12 is a 2 way powered loudspeaker with a peak power of 900 watts. There is no need for another amplifier, the amp is built in! The outside casing is built to withstand harsh conditions and will hold up in transit and live on stage. The insides hold a 12” woofer with a 2.5” voice coil and 50oz. magnet and a horn with a 1.34” voice coil and 15oz. magnet. The two way design will send your low frequencies to the woofer and your highs to the horn. The 900 watts of pure power will give you that sweet “club” sound that you are after! You will be pushing some serious beats and rhythms with this bad boy!

Take your show on the road with the PROX12. The built-in amplifier makes the PROX12 a must have for any mobile DJ.

The PROX12 has both XLR and 1/4” microphone inputs. Plug in a microphone and talk over the music or have a vocal performance live, you don’t need a whole PA system, just plug in and go! Additional line inputs are available in the form of RCA and XLR. Plug in your source, connect up your house mixer, CD player or DJ mixer, etc. There is no need for an amplifier since the PROX is a powered speaker, the amp built in will give you the power you need! Located on the speaker is a clipping indicator that will help you alleviate any distortion. There is also an active speakon output connection, this will allow you to send your signal to another speaker without the need for amplifier. These are the type of options you need in a professional sound environment!

You can stack this speaker, mount it to a pole using the pole mount or angle it on the floor with the angled floor mounts that are included or in other words, YOU CAN SET THIS UP ANYWHERE! If you are looking for a professional loudspeaker with quality parts and an assurance that it will not fail even in the most hectic conditions, the PROX12 ABS Molded 12'' Two Way Powered Loudspeaker is what you need! And at a price that is very affordable!

*900 watts peak power

*Built-in Amplifier

*Woofer: 12'', 2.5'' voice coil, 50 oz. magnet

*Horn: 1.34'' voice coil, 15 oz. magnet

*Sensitivity: 94 +/-2dB

*Frequency Response: 45Hz-18.5KHz

*Impedance: 8 ohms

*Microphone Inputs: 1/4'', XLR

*Line Inputs: RCA, XLR

*Active Speaker Output: Speakon

*Clipping indicator

*Trapezoidal speaker cabinet

*Perforated steel grill

*Pole Mount


*Integral carry handle

*Angled monitor floor mounts included

*Dimensions: 16.5''w x 22.6''h x 12.5''d

*110-220V Switchable


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