Bosch Tassimo Single Cup Home Brewing System


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Product Description

The Single Cup Brewing System by Bosch is designed with an eco-friendly, on-demand water heater for fast brewing. Just pop in your favorite coffee or tea T DISC pod, and the brewer uses INTELLIBREW to read the barcode identifying precise brewing instructions with the exact temperature, water, and time duration, so each and every drink is perfect. It is more than a coffee maker, it provides a cafe experience in a style. You can also change up the backsplash and cup stand with different color kits. It is more than just a coffee maker.

* Features:
* Instant heat-up and fast first cup
* Customize your beverages with a single touch of a button
* Noise reduction system for quiet preparation of beverages
* Low energy consumption: zero watt hours in standby mode and an on-demand heating elementl
* Height adjustment and removable cup stand allows you to use the cup or travel mug of your choice
* Automatic cleaning and descaling with use of a special T DISC keeps your beverages tasting clean
Removable 1.5 L water tank


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