Double 15 Seven way Carpeted Cabinet Speaker w/ Steel Grill


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Product Description

The VRTX series from Technical Pro is here to provide for all of your BIG ROOM AND BIG SOUND NEEDS! The heart of the series is the VRTX215, a Double 15" Seven way Carpeted Cabinet Speaker with Steel Grill. If you are setting up sound for a large venue or need massive power in your speaker output, this professional tower loudspeaker designed by Technical Pro is one of the best choices on the market!

The VRTX215 is constructed with Technical Pro’s built-to-last technology. The sturdy design will keep your speaker components safe and sound in the most rugged environments. Built in are two carrying handles that will make moving and positioning this speaker a piece of cake. These speakers are stackable or mountable using the single pole mount. The front panel is a full length perforated steel cage that will allow your sonic boom out and yet still keep everything safe inside. The forward thinking design also includes reinforced corners for additional protection. If you are concerned about the durability of your speaker and insist on a design that will not fail the VRTX215 is the number one choice!

This massive loudspeaker is capable of pushing out 1800 watts of peak power. The sound output of this speaker is designed to give a professional blend of lows, mids and highs. The insides consist of 4 Piezo Tweeters, Two 15'' woofers with a 2.5'' voice coil and 50 oz. magnet, One 5'' x 15'' horn, compression driver with a 1.5: voice coil and 25 oz. magnet. The dual woofer design will give you the explosive low end that you want for your club sound! Two woofers = HUGE SOUND! This combination will give you the booming club lows, solid mid range and sparkling highs that you expect from a professional speaker. With a larger woofer, comes bigger sound! To compensate for the massive low end thump, Technical Pro added four tweeters to balance out the high end. You will never need to worry about an unbalance output! If you are setting up a large club, large live stage or are designing sound for a large venue, adding these to your set up is a must do! The inputs are 1/4” and banana binding post. Connect any standard amplifier and you are ready to rock!

The VRTX series from Technical Pro is the perfect combination of loudspeakers for all of your big room needs. The centerpiece of this series is the VRTX215 that can be combined in any number of ways with the VRTX8 and VRTX12. The superior sound and extra sturdy construction of the whole series is the number one reason why large venue sound designers, studio professionals and performers all agree that if you want to achieve a professional club or live stage setting sound, the VRTX is the go-to-choice for a professional club loudspeaker system!


* 1800 watts peak power
* Frequency response: 45Hz - 20kHz
* Woofer: Two 15" woofers, 2.5" voice coil, 50 oz. magnet
* Inputs: 1/4", Banana
* Mid: 5" x 15" horn, compression driver 1.5" voice coil, 25 oz. magnet
* Tweeter: 4 piezo
* Impedance: 8 ohms
* Sensitivity: 99 ±2dB (1M-1M)
* Full Length perforated steel grill
* 2 Integral carry handles
* Reinforced corners
* Dimensions: 19.25"w x 48.5"h x 13.5"d
* Weight: 70 lbs


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