Technical Pro Professional UHF Dual Wireless Microphone System- Black


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Product Description

The innovative technology that is used by Technical Pro always produces a proper translation to any voice & to any audience and the sturdy design will give you confidence that your show or conference will always be a success. These same two elements can be found in the WM1201 Professional UHF Wireless Microphone System.
-Base transmitter; 1U rack mountable design & 2 dynamic cardioid directional
-Ultra High Band Wireless Microphones

The front of the base shows LED meters for both microphones & has two separate digital panels showing the frequency information. The cardioid directional design is meant to only translate a direct signal into the microphone. This will give you the ability to address a loud room like a club or large stage performance and not worry about any type of feedback.
In today’s world of technology and communication wireless signals can often be interrupted. The WM1201 uses a UHF design. UHF = Ultra High Frequency. A step above a normal VHF design, the UHF design has a much less chance of interference. UHF wireless microphones have the ability to use a much larger range of frequency spectrum as opposed to VHF microphones. Interference is a concern for everyone from high-level performers to professionals addressing a crowd it can ruin a performance or speech. The WM1201 will give you the confidence you need that this won’t be an issue! And at a price that won’t break the bank.

*Dual signal UHF high band
*Polar Pattern: Cardioid
*Digital sound processing
*Outputs: Individual XLR outputs per channel, one
1/4" mixed output
*Frequency range: 614MHz-698MHz
*Frequency stability: ±0.005%
*Modulation mode: FM
*Maximum deviation range: ±25kHz with limiting
*Frequency Response: 40Hz-20kHz
*Signal to noise ratio: 100dB
*Total harmonic distortion: <0.5%
*Audio dynamic range: 90dB
*Service area: 200 ft
*Comes with two handheld microphones
VU meter
*LCD display with microphone frequency
*Dimensions: 19"w x 1.75"h x 9.5"d


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