Griffin Technology Tuneflex Aux iPod Docking Cradle and Charger- 100pcs


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Product Description

The Griffin TuneFlex AUX Flexible Charging Cradle with Line-Out Audio for 5G iPod with Video is an all-in-one vehicular solution for your iPod that combines a dock, charger, and direct line-in connection to your car stereo. And as the name suggests, the TuneFlex AUX provides you with an audio solution that is as conveniently flexible as it is comprehensive.

The TuneFlex is constructed with a flexible steel neck that adjusts to any angle for optimizing the placement of your iPod. As an added convenience, the cradle that grips your iPod also rotates to ensure that regardless of your iPod's position, it stays upright and easily readable. The TuneFlex itself plugs into your car's 12-volt accessory outlet, and not powers your iPod while it is docked, but recharges its battery so it is ready to go when you leave your vehicle. As a safety feature, the charging circuitry is equipped with a replaceable auto fuse that keeps your iPod safe from power spikes. The TuneFlex also features a light at the base of the neck that indicates power status, and a low-high audio output switch that lets you adjust the sound to eliminate distortion.

Griffin's TuneFlex is as flexible at getting tunes to your audio system, as it is at iPod placement. Earning the AUX in its name, this unit has a built-in 0.125-inch stereo line-out audio jack. This not only lets you attach the included cable directly to your car stereo's auxiliary input jack, but provides the cleanest and clearest sound output over your car stereo. And if your car stereo doesn't have an input jack, the TuneFlex includes a pass-through dock connector for use with Griffin's iTrip FM transmitter, SmartDeck cassette adapter, or tons of other options. This Griffin TuneFlex AUX is designed for fifth-generation Video iPods but comes with an adapter for second-generation iPod nanos, and is backed by a manufacturer's one-year warranty.

* Custom-designed cradle hoilds iPod models with dock connectors secure.
* Included cradle adapter holds the slightly larger 30GB, 60GB & 80GB 5th Generation iPods. Additional cradle adapter for iPod nano.
* Pass-through dock connector lets you add digital devices like Griffin's iTrip and AirClick for maximum in-car convenience.
* Audio cable included to connect TuneFlex's built-in stereo line-out audio jack to car stereo's auxillary-in jack. Uses car's 12 Volt power outlet to charge iPod.
* Fits 5th-generation Video iPods, 2nd-generation iPod nanos via adapter

***Case Quantity: 100


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