Technical Pro Blue Portable Rechargeable Speaker with iPod™ Loading Dock & USB Input


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Product Description

We all want high fidelity sound no matter the time or place. The speakers on a laptop, mobile phone or iPod are only so powerful. These devices need a power boost in order to produce the sound you so desperately desire. The problem is you are not always in the comfy confines of your home audio system where you can just plug your iPod into a receiver and send the signal blasting through your speakers. Whether its at the beach, park, office... the Boombox2 is there to provide you with the kick your audio needs.

The Boombox2 has a built-in lithium battery which means you can take it anywhere. No electrical outlet, no problem. Additionally, the Boombox2's compact design and lightweight make it even more attractive to just grab it and go.

Although relatively small in size when it comes in audio inputs the Boombox2 is like a Swiss Army Knife. With an integrated iPod / iPhone dock, USB Flash Drive input, TF Card input and 1/8" AUX input the Boombox2 can accept an audio signal from almost any device you can throw at it. That's why we recommend always having a Boombox2 not too far away. Because all it takes is a Boombox2 along with a couple of killer audio tracks from virtually any audio device to turn any room into a club atmosphere.

The Boombox2 will typically crank out sweet tunes for about 2 hours depending on the usage and comes in 4 different colors (Black, Blue, Pink & Silver) to suit your personality.

Lightweight & Compact Design Make it the
Perfect On-The-Go Speaker

Inputs: USB Flash Drive / TF Card, iPod
Loading Dock, 1/8'' (MP3)

FM Scan Tuner

rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

5V USB Loading dock with cable included

USB flash drive maximum size: 16GB

TF Card maximum size: 16GB

Plays .mp3, .wav files from USB / TF Card

iPod will charge while sitting loading dock
when USB charging cable is connected

Next, Previous Track, Play/Pause Controls

Remote Control included

Dimensions : 6'' w x 2.25'' h x 2'' d


Color: Blue


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