Prospera Jade Personal Massage Cushion


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Product Description

Prospera's Jade Personal Massage Cushion
delivers the healing power of jade in a soothing
massage session. With its double pair of
kneading heads and two serpentine Xiuyan
jade stones, the Jade Personal Massage
Cushion can be used the neck, shoulders,
back, thighs, calves and more. Jade is rich in
calcium, magnesium and iron-essential
minerals for the body. The kneading
mechanism delivers rotating and
spot shiatsu massage directly to your
spots of tension. Each of the four massage
heads gives a deep tissue Shiatsu massage,
helping loosen tight muscles by encouraging
blood flow. You can use one of two automated
massage programs or apply the massage
manually. Speed is adjustable. This is a
perfect personal massager for both the home
and office. Product comes with serpentine
Xiuyan jade stone certificate .

Benefits of Jade
Jade is the best-known natural transmitter of longwavelength
infrared. When heated, Jade emits
negative ions, which are essential for the body's
natural anti-aging system. Jade brings benefits to high
blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disorders, and
circulatory disorders. It also helps slow cell aging and
strengthens the immune system.

Product Specifications
* Shiatsu kneading
* Clock and anti-clock wise movement
* 2 pieces jade stones, 1.5" x height 1"
* Speed adjustable
* Plugs into power outlet, 110 Volts 60Hz
* Power <35W
* Recommend usage time:15-30min


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